Multilingual productions, music or dance… the Bonner Theaternacht also offers a great range of events for international and non- german speaking guests:

The Institut français turns into a stage for G.I.F.T,  which stands for German Italian French Theater, young actors from three different countries present a preview of their play “Momentum Nostrum“, which premieres in June. “Momentum” is designed like an absurd and over-the-top funfair. The “Destiny Character”, half ringmaster and half tamer, acts as a tour guide through the battle-attractions recreating various war episodes of the last 101 years. The audience is an active part of the play as they are asked to decide about what happens next. Also non- german speaking theater is offered in the Brotfabrik in Beuel, the spanish-speaking theater group of the Bonn University LaClínica as well as Theater Pipolart are playing here. Pipolart questions classic male and female roles in scenes of their play “Amantes y otros desconocidos” while LaClínicA treats our world full of plastic as a main subject. Later in the evening, “The man in the bowler hat” directed by Tracy Tollmann and played by students of the Bonn University Shakespeare Company (BUSC) is shown in the Brotfabrik – you can expect high comedy.

Whoever is speaking a totally different language or does not need many words, should see Bo Komplex in the Schauspielhaus Bad Godesberg, the Tanzkompanie performs topics of social interest in terms of dancing. Emotional dance theater is also presented by the group DanzaMAZ, which is dancing in a church (Evangelische Trinitatiskirche Bonn Endenich). Not far from there you can find theaterimballsaal, during the Theaternacht you get the chance to see both house-ensembles (fringe ensemble + CocoonDance) at one time. Their productions are often international oriented.

For glamour-lovers, the acrobatic 60s-Show in the GOP Varieté-Theater (+ cocktail on the rooftop ;-)) as well as the travesty-revue in the Malentes Theater Palast are a must – it will be fun for sure! Also the Euro Theater Central is worth seeing, among other things, props and costumes of the last 50 years are auctioned (“Rares für Bahres”) in that night, so if you are still searching for a special present you should take a look. Every location can be reached with the Theaternacht shuttle buses (departure times + stops in the brochure and on, to be even more flexible you can of course walk or take your bike, if possible.

At Midnight, when most of the events are over, the opera house invites to the great after-show party. The music of BaSch, the student-band of the Alanus Hochschule, and DJ Haru Specks will make you celebrate and dance till the early morning – not to miss!

We are looking forward to see you at the Theaternacht 2019.

(by Aylin Suhrborg, credentials: Michael Sondermann / Bundestadt Bonn for featured image, theaters for all other images)